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Bye Bye Mascara, Hello LVL
Anything that saves us from the very real danger of stabbing ourselves in the eye with a mascara wand whilst eating our toast in the morning is priceless. REVIEW

We can honestly say that the ladies at Itchy Towers aren’t a vain lot; you’d be hard pressed to find us lusting after the latest nail varnish or spending more time getting our hair done for a night out than actually being out. And we are, of course, very busy little bees finding out all that’s great and good that you should be out doing, so rolling out of bed of a morning looking like Cheryl Cole after a month at a 5* Caribbean spa (well, she’s got the time now), is a nice idea but not a realistic one. Or is it?

We were invited to try out a treatment to lift, straighten and transform our lashes from short, sorry and stubby to long, lovely and luxurious and without an extension worthy of a drag queen in sight. And lasting up to 6 weeks. Well, it all sounded a little too good to be true – though we certainly wanted it to be – so off we went armed with a healthy dose of cynicism and our fingers crossed.

It was a strange but not altogether unpleasant sensation as our lashes were pushed back, permed and tinted, and 45 minutes later we had LASHES! More to the point, a week later we STILL have lashes, haven’t had to reach for our mascara once and at the very least we’re able to roll out of bed of a morning looking remarkably awake, even if not exactly like Cheryl Cole.