Danni's pmu browsHere’s a run through of a Hairstroke Brow treatment.

The first picture shows Danni’s own brows , we do not remove your own brow hair, we work around what you have to create a new and perfect brow to suit your face shape, colouring etc and it is always designed for you specifically ; no two brows are the same!

The second picture shows the finished first treatment immediately after it’s finished. This is much darker than the chosen colour; which has been blended specifically for you and chosen by you. This can fade up to 50% and will soften dramatically as the surface skin heals.

The third picture shows the healed colour and hair strokes. After 4 -6 weeks the colour will come to the surface completely and at this point we do part two of the treatment process. Here we can make colour, size or shape adjustments if required and complete the finished design.

Danni chose to alter the front of her brow to make them straight at the bulb and also to darken the colour; as she preferred the intensity of the first treatment on the day and got used to her new brows very quickly. The fourth picture is immediately after the second part.