Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! We work together with what you have, to give you the perfect Brow shape and colour for you the individual, including the best technique needed.
Every care is taken to keep your discomfort level to a minimum and numbing creams are used throughout the procedure. Discomfort levels vary from person to person, some ladies have been known to fall to sleep and feel nothing, other report a slight scratchy feeling or say it’s similar to having threading. Some ladies feel a burning sensation with Lips; usually towards the end of the treatment. Generally most ladies look forward to the end result and are so thrilled with the outcome that they work through any discomfort.
There may a slight swelling, redness, tenderness and with the lips a burning sensation, these usually subside quickly or within a few hours depending on the individuals sensitivity and is helped with the healing balm that I apply for you immediately after and once at home by the application of a cold compress. We do not advice that you drive after Eyelash treatments in case your eyes are a little swollen or watery and most people bring along their sunglasses.

I can also apply a fresh mineral powder to soften any redness and the intensity of the color, this contains healing and anti inflammatory properties that will help in soothing, it also contains an SPF for that extra protection. It will also make sure you feel less self conscious are confident and comfortable before your journey home.

Expect the colour on all treatments to be intense, this is due to a certain amount of pigment remaining in the upper epidermal (top) layer of your skin. Do not panic! this is very normal, your chosen colour has been implanted and within a matter of days; during the healing and natural skin growth process, the colour will begin to fade, in some cases up to 30-40%. Colour may even disappear in this time, but should resurface, in the case of lips this can take up to 4-6 weeks for the colour to stabilize.
Full after-care instructions will be explained on the day and you will receive a healing balm to apply at least twice a day or when you feel it is necessary. It is very important to follow the after-care to maximize the results of your treatment and avoid any infection. Over the next 2 to 3 days the lips especially may feel very dry and the balm should be liberally applied. Surface healing can take a few days but the whole underlying healing process can take between 7 and 14 days.
You are advised not wear your normal makeup on the treated areas until completely healed. If you can not go without your own makeup, then you will have to take care to avoid the areas that have been treated. Old mascara should ideally be thrown away and a new one used once the eyes have healed and you can definitely throw away those brow, eye and lip pencils. However one can wear Fresh Mineral makeup, which Su will explain either at your consultation or on the day of your treatment. It will is also available to pre order or purchase.
How much time the colour performs is individual to each person. The colour will soften overtime with the natural skin growth process, actual retention depends on many different factors, including your medical background and health, as well as your general lifestyle; age, skin type, diet, metabolism, original skin colour, exposure to sunlight, use of skin treatments, sun beds etc.

Generally treatments last from upwards of one year to five plus, but to keep the colour looking fresh it is recommended that every 12 to 18 months a retouch is taken. Very natural looking treatments are likely to require a touch-up before a more dramatic one. It is important to remember Permanent Makeup is not a ‘no maintenance’ treatment, but a ‘low maintenance’ treatment.

What price would you pay to have professionally applied makeup and be confident in it and your looks, all day, everyday?

It is a comparable outlay in the market of Aesthetic and beauty treatments and given its longevity; money saving in the long run and most definitely time saving. The cost of these procedures should never be the most important factor when choosing a Permanent Makeup specialist. Research their treatments, their training and the quality of their work, before and after photo’s, testimonials and make sure they offer a thorough individualized consultation. It is important to trust and be completely comfortable with your specialist, you are putting your face in their hands; that is priceless.