HD Brows, The Art of the Perfect Brow.

This is a seven step treatment to sculpt and define your own brows into a beautiful shape. The process incorporates waxing, tinting, threading and an application of exclusive HD Brow products to tailor a bespoke brow that will transform your face.

Soft and natural or celebrity groomed, both overgrown and over plucked brows can be treated and enhanced. Client input is an integral part of the treatment, ensuring the final look is uniquely suited to achieve the most flattering effect.

* Patch test is required 48 hours prior to treatment


Will I get immediate results?

Yes, you will see a result after the first treatment. Sparse or over plucked brows do require more than one visit to achieve the ultimate effect.

How long will it last?

On average you will need a treatment every four week, but this depends on how fast your hair grows and how well the tint lasts.

Can I choose my shape?

Of course-the treatment is personalised, depending on whether you want a defined or more natural look. Your colouring, face shape and overall style are considered to create the perfectly suited look.

Can over plucked brows be effectively treated?

Definitely- HD Brows provides an effective regrowth programme that trains your brows into shape, with a range of products to use between visits to stimulate growth and to give the appearance of full defined brows.

Do I need on-going treatments?

This is up to you. Brows return to their original state with natural growth, but the incredible results and affordable price means you can easily maintain your dream HD Brows look.

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