What Is Permanent Makeup?

Most commonly known as Permanent Cosmetics; other names include Micro-Pigmentation, PMU, Cosmetic Tattooing, Semi-Permanent makeup and Permanent Makeup;  all of which refer to the infusion of pharmaceutical grade pigments specifically designed to be implanted into the upper Dermal layer of skin;  using advanced state of the art digital and computerized equipment.

It is a technique that produces amazing professionally applied natural looking makeup, which is smudge proof and waterproof, it enhances your natural beauty, can boost your confidence and can often roll back the clock without the need for surgery.

Permanent Makeup gives you the confidence in knowing you are looking at your best all day, everyday, without the constant need to worry about or take the time to check and reapply makeup.

At Consultation

Firstly you will  be asked to complete an initial medical questionaire, to make sure there is nothing that may prevent the treatment going ahead. Su will then fully explain all the possibilities of permanent make up for you, go through the treatment process and discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Each treatment is individual and Su will thoroughly discuss your requirements, your desired outcome and manage your expectations. She will discuss your perfect individual shape, the colour that suits your skin tone and colouring and the  type of technique to be used. If you haven’t already looked through Su photos of previous clients, she will show you before, immediately after and healed, so you can clearly see and be made aware of each stage of the process.

If you feel happy to go ahead with your treatment, you will then need to read and complete a set of consultation forms. Su will run through and give you some pre treatment advice and a sensitivity patch test is needed to make sure you have no allergic reactions; please don’t worry, reactions are very uncommon, but a necessary safety precaution (this may be wavered and is not advisible, but if your wish, a signed disclaimer would be necessary) at this point a deposit will be taken to book and confirmed your treatment date.

The Treatment

The procedure will take up to 1-1.5 hours (longer for full lips),  allow an additional 30 minutes for your specific colour to be decided and specially blended and your perfect shape to be drawn on. Su will only proceed once you are delighted with your shape and colour choice. You would therefore be best advised to put aside about 3 hours for your  first treatment, it is better to have no restrictions on your time or schedule after treatment to avoid any form of stress.

During treatments the bodies temperature can fluctuate and often drop, so it is advisable to layer your clothing and to also bring a warm item of clothing to put on if necessary for you to  achieve maximum comfort. Blankets are not used during procedures due to strict clinical guild lines being adhered to.

On the day please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment time, however also be aware that procedures are never rushed and although every care is taken to run on schedule, you may also be asked to wait.

Health & Safety

The highest standards of training in health and safety are always adhered to; making your safety a priority.

Su uses a state of the Nouveau Contour digital Intelligent machine and pen which are manufactured under strict European guidelines and also uses Nouveau contour pharmacutical grade pigments.

The Nouveau Contour Intelligent Machine and Pigment Pen is a professional system, for professional treatment results. It is accurate, reliable and designed specifically for permanent cosmetics and medical tattooing. It offers the highest levels of safety and precision.

Pre-programmed settings and Precision needle control for optimal results. At the press of the button, the Intelligent will automatically adjust the needle frequency to suit the tolerance of the skin. This can promote better healing times and longer lasting results.

The precision control means pigments go in smoother, faster and with greater evenness. This is important for reducing the tattooing time which in turn reduces the risk of skin trauma and improves colour retention.

Legal compliance – a must
This system has been designated “Safe by Design” by the Health and Safety Executive. When used and cleaned correctly, there is no risk of transmitting blood borne viruses between clients. Not all equipment is legal, so be aware of cheap imitations.

The  Intelligent machine is supported by a revolutionary pigment system, which uses a superior quality pigment range. The pigments come with a fantastic swatch card system to ensure you can identify and blend the best possible colour tones for your clients.

Sterile packaged safety needles
Nouveau Contour needle cartridges are individually packaged in sterile packaging using ethylene oxide gas. Each single-use cartridge has an internal diaphragm which prevents fluid and airborne contaminants from entering the Pigment Pen.